No, a VPN is not mandatory, however we advise that ALL customers use a VPN on their Device whilst viewing. We can provide a premium VPN at a unbeatable price, please contact an agent via the contact us page for any further assistance, if required. 

We recommend a minimum download and upload speed of 15Mbps and 5Mbs respectively. Ping should be under 25ms and Jitter under 20ms. These tests need to be carried out on your device which will be running our TV app.

All of our apps, for android, iOS and web are free of charge.

Unfortunately, you won’t have the ability to do this. Using a single account for multiple simultaneous connections can result in your IP address and username being blocked. With that said, you do have the ability to buy an additional connection for an extra fee. Your free to use a single subscription on many devices but only 1 at a time. 

For the best experience with our service we recommend the new Firestick 4K MAX or Android box such as a Formuler GTV or Nvidia Shield.

No, multiple connections are for multi-room use, NOT multi-house. Our system is designed to remove users abusing this without refund.

Any more questions?     Feel free to contact us

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