Terms & conditions


Although downtime is rare, with the nature of IPTV, issues can be expected from time to time.

We guarantee 90% Uptime, however in reality, we achieve closer to 99% uptime.


Under no circumstances is re-streaming allowed. If anyone is caught, your account will be immediately disabled without warning or refund.
Our suppliers are very strict on this, re-streaming compromises the security of the service and ruins it for everyone else.

We do not offer refunds unless we have failed to meet the guaranteed 90% Uptime over a period of 1 month or more.
If you experience any issues such as buffering, please contact our support to help you resolve your problem.

Multiple connections

Multiple connections are basically multi-screen. It allows you to watch our service on multiple devices simultaneously. They are for use in the same household. It is not multi-house and therefore should not be shared across different households.
Our system will automatically delete accounts where it detects regular different IP addresses connected indicating sharing across households, without warning or refund.

You can use your subscription on more than one device in your household without buying an extra connection if you are not watching on more than one device at the same time.

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